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2021-07-16: Collection 3 Landsat data now available

Thanks to the Geoscience Australia Landsat Collection Upgrade (video), our data catalogue now includes Collection 3 data for DEA Surface Reflectance, also available through OWS. Other Collection 3 products will soon follow, including DEA Water Observations (WOfS), and DEA Fractional Cover.

DEA Notebooks and the User Guide have been updated with Collection 3 code examples to reflect the upgrade, and our Content Management Interface and DEA Maps platforms are also being updated.

Users of Collection 2 are encouraged to use Collection 3 data. A staged decommissioning of Collection 2 is underway and will continue into 2022. Questions can be raised to dea@ga.gov.au

2021-04-15: New user guide - accessing data via AWS

Added a new guide to accessing DEA data via Amazon Web Services.