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2023-08-11: Small systems updates

Technical DEA internals which have changed in the last week.

  • Some tweaks to DEA Sandbox DNS resolution last Friday.

  • The URL https://explorer.dea.ga.gov.au/ will be changed to show data in the DEA AWS data holdings instead of the NCI holdings.

  • Some data gap filling of Landsat 8 ARD, Landsat 8 FC and Landsat 8 WO for 2023.

  • Reduced the delay between Sentinel 2 ARD data being produced (on the NCI), and being delivered to AWS. It was up to 48 hours and should now be up to 24 hours.

2023-11: Release of version 0.3.0 of DEA Tools

Major update to the DEA Tools Python package, including new tools for:

In addition, this update includes 14 new and updated Jupyter notebooks. See version 0.3.0 release notes for more detail.

2023-08: New notebooks, features and documentation