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The Knowledge Hub brings together information about Digital Earth Australia’s products and services, allowing you to utilise our free and open-source satellite imagery archive.

Data Products

Browse our catalogue of data products to find supporting information and ways to access the data.

Baseline satellite data

Land and vegetation

Inland water

Sea, ocean, and coast


External data

User Guides

Find documentation, step-by-step instructions, and DEA publications on a variety of topics.

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DEA Notebooks

Explore visual walkthroughs that show how to analyse our data using Python, including the use our DEA Tools package.

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DEA Tech Alerts and Changelog

Find out about the latest updates to DEA’s products and services, planned maintenance, and any outages that may occur.

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Validation reports

How well does DEA’s satellite-derived Analysis Ready Data compare with field-derived surface reflectance data? These reports provide this comparison.

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About Digital Earth Australia

Digital Earth Australia (DEA) is a program of Geoscience Australia, an entity of the Australian Government.

It is our mission is to embed satellite imagery and data into decisions that support a sustainable Australian environment, a resilient society, and a strong economy.

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