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Find out about the latest updates to Digital Earth Australia’s products and services, planned maintenance, and any outages that may occur.

DEA System Status

All DEA systems are working as expected. There are no outstanding incidents or errors to report.

See the DEA monitoring dashboard to check the current status of DEA’s services.

2024-04-10: DEA Intertidal 1.0.0 released

The DEA Intertidal product suite maps the changing elevation, exposure and tidal characteristics of Australia’s exposed intertidal zone, the complex zone that defines the interface between land and sea.

This new product suite expands upon the DEA Intertidal Elevation (Landsat) product which has now been deprecated.

See DEA Intertidal for more information.

2024-04-03: Terra-derived DEA Hotspots have been restored

Direct Broadcast satellite downloads from the Terra satellite have been restored and have been successfully processed into DEA Hotspots.

2024-03-28: DEA Sandbox outage (Resolved)

Users may have encountered an unplanned outage on the Digital Earth Australia Sandbox.

DEA has implemented a solution as we continue to investigate the cause of the problem.

DEA Sandbox users are warned to expect intermittent issues over the next 12 hours.

Users may be unable to log in to or access their DEA Sandbox account while the incident is being investigated. Users may also notice reduced performance on other DEA systems during this outage.

You can monitor the status of DEA’s systems on the DEA monitoring dashboard. If you would like to contact DEA, please email

2024-03-25: DEA Waterbodies version 3.0.0 released

Improvements include additional supporting data for the most recent observations made available through web mapping services (WMS) and DEA Maps, more metadata, Landsat 9 data, and pipeline upgrades. Version 3.0.0 of DEA Waterbodies uses the same underlying polygon set as DEA Waterbodies version 2.0.0. Learn more

2024-03-21: Terra-derived DEA Hotspots are unavailable (Resolved)

We have received notice from NASA that Direct Broadcast satellite downloads from the Terra satellite are currently unavailable. This means that Terra-derived DEA Hotspots are unavailable until further notice.

2024-03-21: DEA OWS services restored

Outages affecting DEA Open Web Services (OWS) have been resolved. Work will be continuing over the coming months to further improve performance and reliability of these services.

See the DEA monitoring dashboard to check the current status of DEA’s services.

2024-02-26: Sentinel-2 contiguity fix reprocessing complete

Learn more in the Sentinel-2A Surface Reflectance NBART and Sentinel-2B Surface Reflectance NBART changelogs.

2024-02-20: DEA Notebooks update

A minor update to the DEA Tools package that includes updates to tide modelling and parallel processing functions. It also adds a new load_reproject function to the datahandling module which allows reading and reprojecting external raster data. For more detail, see the dea-notebooks 0.3.1 release notes.

2024-02-20: New external land use and bathymetry datasets added to DEA Sandbox

Two new external datasets have been added to the DEA Sandbox: the 2020 ABARES Catchment Scale Land Use of Australia 50m dataset, and the recently released 2023 Geoscience Australia AusBathyTopo 250m high-resolution depth model for Australia. These datasets provide valuable insights into land use patterns and the physical shape of Australia’s mainland, our coasts and deep ocean regions.

These datasets can be loaded on the DEA Sandbox using the product names abares_clum_2020 and ga_ausbathytopo250m_2023.

2024-02-15: Upcoming changes to DEA Geomedian, Median Absolute Deviation and other derivative products

The Geoscience Australia Landsat Geometric Median and Median Absolute Deviation Collection 3 products v3.1.0 are undergoing a major upgrade which will be released shortly as v4.0.0.

Find out the details here.

2024-01-24: Water Observations and Fractional Cover Percentiles 2023 annual summaries released

See DEA Water Observations Statistics (Landsat) and DEA Fractional Cover Percentiles (Landsat) for more information.

2024-01-10: Sentinel-2 contiguity fix - Reprocessing commenced

Reprocessing to fix the Sentinel-2 contiguity issue has commenced with expected completion in early 2024. The issue was caused by anomalies in ESA Level 1 source data.

A known Sentinel-2 contiguity issue created by ESA Level 1 anomalies (“Striping due to lost source packets”) is impacting approximately 0.5% of our Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data (S2 ARD) between 2015 and 2023.

Affected products:

  • ARD Sentinel-2 products (ga_s2am_ard_3, ga_s2bm_ard_3)

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