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2018-12-05: DEA Public Data Changes

  • Added Land/Sea mask GeoTIFFs to /projects/geodata_coast_100k/

  • Updated CSV files in /projects/WaterBodies/feature_info with latest data, ISO timestamps, and changed column order.

2018-11-12: DEA Public Data Changes

  • Update website components to match DEA styling.

  • Change time to more readable format.

  • Replace images.

2018-11-06: DEA Public Data Changes

  • Updated CSV files in /projects/WaterBodies/feature_info

2018-11-05: DEA Public Data Changes

  • Added /Website

  • Updated index.html to improve user interface and experience.

2018-10-11: DEA Public Data Changes

  • Added /CHANGELOG.txt

  • Replaced /geomedian-australia/v2.1.0/albers_grid.geojson with a version using WGS84 coordinates, as per the GeoJSON specification.

2018-02-28: Update to ‘dea’ environment module

  • Rename module to dea. Most people should now run the following commands from the terminal.

    module use /g/data/v10/public/modules
    module load dea
  • Include JupyterLab as an alternative to Jupyter Notebooks. To use, run this command from the terminal.

  • Include pre-release version 1.6 of Open Data Cube.

  • Drop support for Python 2.