Beginner’s guide

The Beginners Guide contains introductory notebooks aimed at introducing Jupyter Notebooks, Digital Earth Australia (DEA), and how to load, plot and interact with data from DEA. These notebooks are designed to be worked through in the following order:

Once you have you have completed the beginner tutorials, join advanced users in exploring:

  • The “DEA_products” directory in the repository, where you can explore DEA products in depth.

  • The “How_to_guides” directory, which contains a recipe book of common techniques and methods for analysing DEA data.

  • The “Real_world_examples” directory, which provides more complex workflows and analysis case studies.

Open Data Cube workshop participants follow the guided tutorial above.

Citing DEA Notebooks

If you use any of the notebooks, code or tools in this repository in your work, please reference them using the following citation:

Krause, C., Dunn, B., Bishop-Taylor, R., Adams, C., Burton, C., Alger, M., Chua, S., Phillips, C., Newey, V., Kouzoubov, K., Leith, A., Ayers, D., Hicks, A., DEA Notebooks contributors 2021. Digital Earth Australia notebooks and tools repository. Geoscience Australia, Canberra.